Our board programme has been running since 2010 and is widely regarded as the best in the market. Focused on preparing senior executives, of some of the world’s largest companies, for their first board position, it is run in conjunction with the Senior Partners of Allen & Overy, Deloitte and a ‘leading investment bank’. The venue is Allen & Overy’s office in London.

The first day and second morning comprise sessions relating to the sub-committees and the issues faced by a PLC board. On the second day a group of FTSE Chairmen attend a working lunch, which is followed by one-to-one meetings over the course of the afternoon.

Chairmen and CEOs universally believe that having their executive sitting on an alternative board is of considerable benefit to the individual and to each of the companies involved; they have been hugely supportive of our programmes. Candidates being familiar with the function, rules and form of boards is an important component of a Chairman’s decision regarding an appointment.

Our two-day programmes are held twice a year (normally April & November) and are typically attended by FTSE Executive Committee and/or first-time plc board members. We only accept 8 delegates per programme and, once booked, two day programme fees are not refundable. However, places can be transferred to any future event or another representative of the same organisation at no extra charge. Please contact Judith Osborne for further details.