We face an unprecedented amount of change in the insurance sector – corporate activity and major market consolidation, an ever-evolving and an increasingly complex regulatory regime and technology; which presents challenges both for businesses in the insurance sector and their clients, in the form of major transformation projects and cyber risks.

Our practice is focused on serving firms in the insurance market and businesses that support the sector. We have a strong track record of appointing senior leaders in business and lead functional roles. We build close relationships with clients, not just delivery of specific mandates, but building a partnership where we support our clients on their commercial journey, through the challenges they face on their growth or change trajectory.

We only work with a small number of clients in each sector to avoid off-limits or conflict issues and are therefore able to be closer to the strategic decision making of our clients. We bring market insight and intelligence and frequently work on projects to bring targeted competitor analysis.

Our clients come to us with consistent themes which present them with challenges to their grow or change strategy:

  • Consolidating market
  • Longer down-cycles and cost pressures
  • The insurance village – a limited and narrow talent pool, how to broaden?
  • An often closed mind-set to new/different/technology/change
  • An evolving regulatory regime
  • Diversity
  • Brexit

Our track record, includes working with major insurance companies, consulting and technology businesses in the insurance sector, global banks with broad reach as well as well as the underwriters and brokers in the London Market.

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