‘FinTech’ is a phrase increasingly banded about in the media and in technology circles. Yet despite being in vogue, it’s a term many – including tech savvy and clued up entrepreneurs – don’t quite have a handle on. One thing it is certainly not is a buzzword. Fintech is an area that is radically changing how we live and how we do business professionally.

Thanks to the ‘always online’ culture we live in today and the proliferation of services and apps that feed it, the rise of FinTech has opened up a world of possibilities. These FinTech companies will emergewhen they perceive a customer problem that is not being noticed or solved by the market. These agile new entrants are entirely customer centric because that is their starting point: the customer problem. These businesses can offer more services than ever and for a fraction of the price of what it may cost those with a legacy infrastructure and high cost base. So innovation impacts the customer and the customers’ choices influence the provider; a “push” provider mind-set has become entirely ”pull” withthe enabling technology or experience being the principal source of differentiation.

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