Transforming Your Future Next-Generation Technology

Advances in, and the adoption of, technology is having a widespread impact on the corporate world. Over the last 15-20 years we have seen the emergence of now established parts of the market, such as eCommerce and FinTech, and are now starting to see disruption in other markets, including FoodTec and EdTech.

The starkest examples of innovation are often in a B2C context through the changing behaviour of the consumer, but more and more the evolution of “digital” as a sector is being acknowledged in the wider marketplace whether through the threat of cybersecurity or the opportunities afforded by machine learning, data analytics, artificial intelligence or cloud computing.

Stonehaven has extensive experience of working on behalf of digital businesses and sourcing leadership capability across a range of areas which range from Board & Regional Management and Sales & Marketing to eFulfilment and Product and Technology Leadership.

Working with Stonehaven’s Board practice, the firm has also developed a capability of helping venture capital backed or growth equity businesses to secure their first independent non-executive directorship, often an executive from a more established digital organisation or the CIO of a progressive technology-led business.