Talent Mapping, Market Research

Strategic planning and pre-emptive research to identify leading talent and future leaders is a highly effective way to gain competitive advantage. Being prepared in advance of changes in personnel, planned or unexpected, allows organisations to smooth out some potential bumps in the road. Talent mapping enables our clients to operate in the comfort of knowing where they will look for high quality talent when the need arises with clarity around the quality, capability and strengths of their target market and likely levers to pull to land people. This proactive approach enables informed decision making and allows speed to market, contracting the traditional process without losing its rigour. Advance planning also spreads the cost.

Benchmarking and Due Diligence

Direct analysis of competitors and other relevant markets is highly valuable in assessing existing teams, potential gaps and external solutions across an organisation. This can have particular value in regulated environments, where there is less margin for error or greater risk exposure or in environments where there is a high demand for and low supply of talent.

The principal areas to benchmark in this due diligence are:

  • Structure and resource
  • Remuneration
  • Teams and capability

With targeted and bespoke research, within defined parameters, one can highlight what insights can be gained from other sectors and individuals who can bring new perspectives. It can help shape a new or evolving role in an organisation, by reference to best practice elsewhere.

Succession Planning and Development

Succession planning is a requirement for listed businesses and universally regarded as good practice, especially for key leadership roles, whether in a plc or not.

The Stonehaven offer works well for succession to all the core roles on the leadership team. Combined with internal development tools, this external calibration and assessment tool supports medium to longer term leadership planning and in the short term offers the comfort of a Plan B in the event of an unexpected vacancy arising.

There is a menu of options which we would loosely characterise as bronze, silver or gold programmes which we can tailor to suit the needs of a particular organisation. We work with Partners to offer psychometric and other assessment tools alongside individual or team coaching.

Broadly, our bronze programme calibrates the internal team against a specific succession need, with rigorous assessments and recommendations. The silver programme adds to this a benchmarking of the external market to contextualise the assessment of the internal options. The gold programme adds to this discreet approaches to a handful of targeted individuals and thus greater understanding of the risks and benefits of an internal versus an external hire.

In our experience these exercises are universally welcomed by organisations and the executives who take part, offering validation and development guidance for both sides.


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