With global citizens in lockdown, companies are having to adjust very rapidly to a new temporary status quo and, also to start to think about life after lockdown. Whilst the economic consequences of the coronavirus remain incalculable, it is evident that few businesses will not be touched by the pandemic.

For healthy companies in lockdown resistant sectors, this may mean:

  • Sudden short-term senior gaps which may need to be filled;
  • Consideration of any potential talent shortfall in key areas facing into a dramatically altered business environment: risk, technology, finance (including tax), and senior leadership.

For those companies which have been seriously weakened by the virus, there may be an additional need to look forensically at the overall style of leadership with potential implications for the CEO, the CFO and the HR functions. Has a growth agenda switched to a need to retrench?

For many in the financial sector – with lenders or PE owners and those advising them – there will be a broad range of complex new talent needs across the short, medium and long term. These will be in the organisations themselves and, crucially, in entities in which they invest. In addition to any immediate short-term gaps there will be a need for:

  • Senior leaders to manage distressed client situations eg workouts;
  • New governance and leadership arrangements in situations where debt is swapped for equity;
  • A review of portfolio company leadership.

Clearly, agendas will have changed almost overnight at a time when the demands of lockdown, and the impact of the virus itself, are stretching most organisations to their limits.

How Stonehaven can help

We have proven strength in assessing top talent on Boards and Executive Committees.

We can rapidly undertake an assessment of key areas where you may feel exposed. We will tailor our approach to your specific concerns, but this may include:

  • Board Assessment
  • Assessment of an individual
  • Due diligence around an individual or team to help support your own judgements to include referencing and market intelligence.
  • Talent mapping in key areas
  • Identifying rapidly available interim solutions to pressing needs

Stonehaven has key strengths in Board, Financial Services, Professional Services, Consumer, Industry, Digital, Technology and a lengthy track record in HR, Finance and Risk.

As a boutique, we work closely with clients often at challenging times on complex searches which can fall between the silos of some of the larger firms. We are adept at turning on a pin to deliver proven executives as solutions to challenging corporate problems.

As a nimble and entrepreneurial business, we are set up to be able to offer domestic and international searches with our team, currently working remotely in the UK and the US. We have a sound track-record of delivering international assignments through extensive use of online interview and assessment.


Simon Hall:  shall@stonehaveninternational.com                                            Phone Number: +44 (0) 7774 457 689